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since 2018

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. From the selection of premium fabrics to the precision in stitching, our abaya & dresses are a testament to uncompromising standards. We collaborate with skilled artisans who share our passion for creating timeless pieces that transcend trends and stand the test of time.

Great Collection

indulge in the allure of our collections, where every detail is carefully considered to offer you the ultimate luxury experience. Whether you seek a classic silhouette or a contemporary design, our jackets cater to diverse tastes and preferences, embodying the perfect blend of sophistication and modernity.

Our History

In the realm of fashion excellence, iSadeem has emerged as a beacon of timeless elegance, weaving a narrative that transcends trends and captures the essence of luxury. Our journey began 2018, fueled by a vision to redefine the landscape of outerwear with a commitment to sophistication and unparalleled craftsmanship.

From the inception, we dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of perfection in every stitch. Our artisans, with decades of experience, breathe life into premium fabrics, transforming them into exquisiteAbayas that embody the spirit of luxury. The fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary design principles became the hallmark of isadeem.

At iSadeem, we believe in the power of elegance. Our Abaya are not just garments; they’re timeless expressions of style and individuality. With a commitment to excellence, we invite you to join us in embracing the art of sophistication. “



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